FSG Rules

In an effort to keep our servers friendly and fun we require all of our members to follow our rules. Please take a moment to review them.

FSG Discord Rules

Please take a moment to join our discord and read our rules in our rules channel. FSG Discord Rules

FSG Farming Game Rules

The following rules and regulations are designed for the FSG Farming servers. These are intended to create a fair and fun game play environment.

Members that are unable to abide by the rules and regulations may be subject to removal from the FSG Farming servers. We want our servers to be fair and fun. Players that cheat or try to find workarounds for any of the rules and regulations are subject to ban from Farm Sim Game Discord and its server set including FSG Farming servers.

All members are expected to have read and understand the Farm Sim Game discord Rules. These rules apply FSG Farming including in game. We are here to have fun.
Have Fun
Our servers are meant to be fun and not a chore.
Application Only
All FSG Farming servers are application only. All players must go through an application process and be accepted to join any FSG Farming server. To apply login to the website and a link will appear at the top of the page to Start your Application. Applicants are expected to have read and understand the FSG Rules and Regulations prior to applying for access to the FSG Farming servers. The application process will contain questions based on these rules and regulations that if not answered correctly will cause your application to be rejected. Applicants that are not accepted will be required to wait for 30 days before eligible to apply again. This requirement is in place to ensure only serious players are joining FSG Farming.
Farm Managers
Farm Managers are limited to one farm in one server across all FSG Farming servers. New farm managers will be given a list of servers to choose from. They will be able to pick that server and join it as a farm manager and start buying land. Farm Managers are expected to work with existing farm managers as they choose land to buy to ensure they are buying land in a friendly manner. Farm Managers are allowed to have farm hands, or other farm managers assist them. Payment for help is not required, but is encouraged. Money can be sent to other players via the website banking system.
Farm Hands
Farm Hands are not limited to a set farm or server, but are required to have permission from Farm Managers before conducting any activities on farms. Farm hands are welcome to require payment agreement before conducting work, but if an agreement is not set beforehand Farm Managers are not required to pay for completed work.
Hired Work
We encourage Farm Managers to hire Farm Hands to complete work on their farms. Farm Hands can join the Farmers Co-Op, and the Farm Manager can give the Co-Op contractor access. Farm Managers are also welcome to give the Farm Hand their farm password at their discretion.

Agreements for payment for work must be documented in our discord via our forums within the FSG Farming text chats to be enforced. We will not enforce verbal agreements.

If a Farm Manager agrees to pay a Farm Hand for work, and the work has been completed, they are to complete that payment as agreed. If payment is unable to be made, the Farm Manager is required to liquidate assets until able to complete payment. If payment is not completed, please contact staff so they can investigate and take corrective actions. If staff finds that the Farm Manager has not completed payment as agreed, and that Farm Manager does not have the money to complete the transaction, staff will enter their farm and liquidate land and assets until able to complete the payment. $100k fee will apply if staff becomes involved with liquidation to complete payments.
Some of the FSG Farming servers require DLCs to play. Not all of the servers run the same DLCs. Be sure to check the server for required DLCs.
All FSG Farming servers run the same mod sets. Outside of DLCs and Maps, you can swap between servers without having to change your mod pack. If you would like to suggest a mod, please use the mod suggestions chat for the Farming servers in our discord server. Overly unrealistic mods will not be accepted into the servers. Please only suggest mods that are realistically priced with realistic capacities and settings. If a mod passes suggestions it will be put in a mod voting channel for all Farming members to vote on. Mods must have at least 75% of the members vote yes to be considered for further testing. Mods that pass will be placed on a test server to ensure no issues arise. Once passed they will be added to a mod update pack then put live on the servers. Mod updates are done once a month during winter in the game. Emergency updates may occur if there is a mod that is causing game breaking issues.
Sleeping In-Game
Sleeping in-game is allowed. All players that are online must agree to sleep as a game requirement.
Placeable Limits
The FSG Companion has these limits built in. It will disallow purchase or placement of placeables that are outside of their allowed limits.

The following limits are per farm and are automatically blocked from purchase once limit is reached: These limits are to help assist with server performance, help with game play acceleration limits, and adhere to Realism Rules.

Placeable Store Item: A store item is an individual placeable that is available for selection in the buy menu. Each individual photo that is listed in the placeables buy menu is considered a store item. For items that are limited by store item, you may click any given image and place the amount allowed for that category.


Updated 10/1/2023 - FSG Rules and FSG Farming Rules and Regulations are subject to change at any time without notice.